About the Artist

Dennis Curtis. Woodturner, Maine.Most of my bowls originate from found or salvaged timber, not from trees felled for the purpose. Each bowl is delivered from its log to best showcase the natural grain and figure of the wood. I believe that the occasional knot, bark inclusion, uneven coloring and asymmetric figure contribute immeasurably to the bowl’s attraction, therefore enjoy turning timbers others might think “imperfect”.

Each bowl I turn is different, as is every piece of wood I mount on the lathe. The wood itself is a gift to us, and my gift to you is releasing the pleasing form within that insists you enjoy it with both your hands and eyes.

Most of my bowls are made to be used and not just looked at, so please do, and when not in use, place them where you, your family, and guests can continually enjoy them.

My bottle stoppers are now very popular, particularly since appearing in Downeast Magazine’s “Best of Maine” shopping article. They are created from both native and exotic woods, and are carefully turned and polished. I’ve paired these turnings with high-quality stainless steel stoppers equipped with nitrile seals.


Email: info@denniscurtiswoodturning.com
Phone: (207) 621-8146